Successful EWS Sirens Test on August 25

Author: Office of Emergency Services (OES)
Date: 8/20/2018 8:30:49 AM

The Annual Early Warning System (EWS) Sirens Test successfully occurred on Saturday, August 25


Annual Siren Test Postcard


The County Office of Emergency Services and PG&E are pleased to report that each of the 131 Early Warning System sirens sounded successfully during both tests. The annual test is conducted to ensure the system is ready should it be needed to alert the public during a local emergency.

Thank you to all those who maintain the system throughout the year, and to those volunteers who helped during today's test!


The San Luis Obispo County Early Warning System sirens will be tested on Saturday, August 25th. Sirens will sound at noon and again at 12:30 pm for three minutes. During the tests NO ACTION IS REQUIRED ON THE PART OF THE PUBLIC.

Local radio and television stations will conduct normal programming during the tests. If you hear sirens at any other time, tune to a local radio or television station for important emergency information. When at sea, tune to Marine Channel 16.

If you have any questions, please contact the County Office of Emergency Services at [email protected] or by calling 805-781-5011.

Remember, this is only a test.