Possessory Interests

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of possessory interests?

There are many different types of possessory interests, all sharing in common that a private party enjoys the beneficial use of publicly-owned property. Some examples include:

  • Moorings and boat slips at city- and county-owned marinas
  • Graze lands on federal property
  • Faculty housing on university-owned property
  • Concession stands at public parks, stadiums, golf courses etc...
  • Airplane hangars at the local airport
  • Gift shops and restaurants on the boardwalk or the embarcadero
  • Commercial office space in public buildings
  • Specific to San Luis Obispo county, the world famous Heart Castle is, in fact, also a possessory interest property.
Where can I find more information about possessory interests?

The California State Board of Equalization offers a wealth of information regarding taxable possessory interests.