Voters could decide on a local tax for cannabis businesses in June.

Board of Supervisors to Review Revised Cannabis Tax Measure

A proposed measure was presented to the Board of Supervisors on Feb. 6 and a revised version will be presented on Feb. 20 with final action taken by the Board on Mar. 6.

Voters at voting booths

Board Moves Forward with Cannabis Business Tax

The fate of SLO County cannabis taxes may soon be in the hands of local voters.

Property Tax Bill

Last minute rush to pay property taxes before new tax law takes effect

Local taxpayers and property owners rushed to pay 2017-18 taxes and pre-pay 2018-19 at the end of December, inundating the County Tax Collector’s Office on the last business day before the new...

Business License View web application screen shot

"Business License View" shows all licensed businesses and vacation rentals

Business License View is a new service from the Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector that displays all active County Business Licenses and vacation rentals.

Annual Property Tax Bill

Last Day to Pay First Installment of Annual Secured Property Taxes Without Penalty is December 11th

Pay the 1st Installment of Annual Secured Property Taxes by December 11th to avoid a 10% penalty.