District 4 Highlights

District 4 Highlights 

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Tefft Street Updates

The Board of Supervisors and I approved $262,222 for the design of improvements to the Tefft St. and 101 interchange. Public Works has been collaborating with Caltrans on these improvements to help alleviate daily traffic as well as traffic generated from the Swap Meet on Sundays. This funding is for the design phase of this project and the County is actively seeking funding for construction of the project. In order to allow for longer green lights on Tefft St. for through traffic, the County will expand the North and South Bound off-ramps to hold more cars exiting the freeway. Caltrans does not like to see congestion on the off-ramps causing backup on the 101. In order to increase the amount of time for traffic to flow during a green light, Public Works must build off-ramps that hold more cars. Overall, this is not the final solution to the traffic on Tefft St. but I will continue to work with Staff and the State to help reduce traffic problems. For more information on this program please click on the link above.