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Registrar of Voters - Commissioner of Civil Marriages

Precinct Worker Program - No Longer Accepting Applications

We have filled all Precinct Worker positions at this time and are no longer accepting Precinct Worker Applications. Thank you to all those who have applied to serve as a Precinct Worker.  

For more information, please call the Clerk-Recorder office at (805) 781-4989 or email [email protected].

These programs are an integral part of our ongoing process to continually improve service for county voters and is vital to maintain the integrity of the election process in our county. The staff at the Clerk-Recorder office works hundreds of extra hours to prepare for each election, but on election morning, the process is turned over to precinct workers to administer. We need qualified personnel to serve voters who go to the polls on Election Day. Specific examples of what you will be doing include:

  • Before Election Day, attend training & pick up your supplies
  • Election Day, arrive at 6:00AM to set up
  • Assist voters when signing in
  • Issue ballots to voters and accept ballots from vote-by-mail voters
  • Close the polls
  • Account for ballots & pack up supplies
  • Deliver the voted ballots & supplies to a central collection point

While most group members admit it is a more complicated process than they first imagined, they have also expressed a great satisfaction at contributing to an important piece of American democracy.