Redistricting Information

Board of Supervisors District Lines
The County Board of Supervisors adopted the most recent redistricting ordinance on September 20, 2011, which became effective 30 days after adoption. 

Congressional, State Assembly, State Senate, and Board of Equalization District Lines
The Redistricting Commission, which was created by voters in 2008 and 2010, completed their work to redraw these district lines on August 15, 2011. Final adopted maps and information on the Redistricting Commission are available from the California Citizens Redistricting Commission website.

Final Redistricting Steps
County Elections staff, with the help of Cal Poly students, redrew the district and corresponding precinct lines in the Precinct and District geographical information system (GIS) layers. The corresponding changes were also made in the election management system which assigns voters to the correct precinct for election purposes. This assignment allows voters who reside in specific districts to vote for candidates and measures in those districts. At the same time, the elections staff resized precincts to comply with existing law and renumbered the precincts to make it easy to identify the correct supervisorial district for each precinct. This work was completed in December 2011.

How Redistricting Affects Voters
For many voters in the county, there is no change.  Voters residing in a different district than under the prior district lines, will be represented by the Supervisor or U.S. Representative elected to the new district in which the voter lives.


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