What is the Remote Accessible Voter-by-Mail (RAVBM)?

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How to use RAVBM

A voter using RAVBM:

  • Requests a RAVBM from their County election office by application, phone, email or by reviewing their information on My Voter Status at sos.ca.gov
  • Downloads the application from the sent email with a link to the RAVBM System and a code to access the ballot.
  • Marks their selections in a secured portal.
  • Prints and returns their ballot package containing the voted ballot and ballot declaration and oath of voter using their postage paid envelope included with their vote-by-mail ballot or by using their own envelope which would require postage. The return envelope used in any instance, must have the voter’s signature on the outside envelope. The voter can also return their envelope in person to a voting location, drop box or their County Elections Office.  A voter cannot submit their selections online. It must be mailed or returned in person.  

For RAVBM questions please call San Luis Obispo Elections at (805) 781-5228 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.  You may also email your questions to [email protected].