Text saying Matters of Fact versus Misconceptions next to the official seal of the Clerk-Recorder

Clerk-Recorder's Office Launches "Matters-of-Fact Vs Misconceptions" Feature

Author: Erin Clausen
Date: 11/6/2023 10:34:08 AM

New informational feature will periodically highlight important elections-related facts and clarify common misconceptions

We live in an era of lightning-fast communication and abundant sources of information. While this is often quite useful, it can also lead to a proliferation of misinformation and confusion.

Through our new Matters-of-Fact Vs Misconceptions series, we’ll share helpful and reliable elections facts. Have a question that you’d like addressed? Email us at [email protected] – chances are, you’re not the only one looking for the answer.


Matter-of-Fact: In California, independence from a political party is called “No Party Preference.” If you are registered as NPP, your ballot in the primary election will not include presidential candidates. Certain political parties do allow NPP voters to request one of their party ballots for primary voting – this is called “cross-over voting.”

If you are registered NPP and would like to request a one-time ballot for a political party that is allowing cross-over voting in the 2024 presidential primary (the American Independent Party, the Democratic Party, and the Libertarian Party), you can apply at No Party Preference Cross-Over Ballot Notice and Application, March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election. If you’d like to vote for a presidential candidate from a party other than these three, you must register as a member of that party before February 20, 2024.

NPP voters will be able to vote for U.S. President in the November 2024 General Election without requesting a cross-over ballot.

Misconception: Registering as a member of the American Independent Party means that you are registering as independent, or without a party preference. In fact, the AIP is a political party with its own platform and objectives; their official party web site provides details on these.