An image of a postcard that contains address confirmation information next to text that reads Voter Update
This postcard is headed to the mailboxes of all currently registered SLO County voters

Pre-Election Residency Confirmation Postcards Are In The Mail

Author: Erin Clausen
Date: 11/13/2023 2:59:08 PM

Pre-election mailing assists the Elections Office in confirming addresses and updating voter rolls prior to the March 5 Primary

The SLO County Elections Office works in conjunction with the California Secretary of State’s Office and various state and local agencies to maintain current and accurate voter rolls. We also rely on direct communication with our voters.

As we lay the groundwork for the March 5 Presidential Primary Election, we’re mailing postcards to all currently registered SLO County voters. These Pre-election Residency Confirmation Postcards are one of many tools we use as part of the list maintenance process. The cards provide a way for recipients to update their mailing or physical address and ensure that their voter registration is current.

A change of address, even within SLO County, can impact which version of the ballot someone receives – so returning the card with any new info is important.

If you receive a postcard for someone no longer at your address, you can help us streamline the update process simply by returning the card to your mail carrier.

We're grateful to SLO County voters who keep an eye out for this mailing and use it to update key registration information.

Anyone who is not yet registered to vote can do that now on the California Secretary of State's web site.