Bad Check Program

What is the process?

How to : How to Use the Program

Any person who receives a bad check is eligible to participate in the Bad Check Program if the following conditions are met.

  • Check was passed in San Luis Obispo County or received by mail in this county.
  • Check must come back to the recipient stamped non-sufficient funds or account closed. 

A non-sufficient fund check must be submitted to the bank TWICE before referring it to the program.  Account closed checks need only be submitted to the bank once.

Victims must complete a Bad Check Complaint form. The form is available on our web site or by calling the Bad Check Program. Please provide as much information as possible about the check writer. If you’re a business, please identify the name of the employee who accepted the check in the witness section of the complaint. Please provide all documentation pertaining to the check you accepted. (Invoices, applications for service, receipts, video footage-anything that will help identify the check writer)

Our office will ONLY accept the original “Check 21” or “Substitute” check copy returned to you by your bank. We cannot accept photocopies. Call if you have questions about Check 21 guidelines.

Checks must be submitted in a timely manner. Preferably within 30 days of being returned

Please retain a copy of the check for your records. If you were charged fees from your bank for handling the check, please enclose a copy of your statement reflecting those fees. We will collect a maximum of $15 in bank fees.

Once the check is submitted to the District Attorney's Office, please do not accept payment from the check writer. The check writer must make payment directly to the District Attorney's Office.

Bad Checks must be mailed to the office and cannot be walked in at this time. Mail to 1050 Monterey St Rm223, SLO, CA 93408

Ineligible Check: Ineligible Checks

  1. Checks passed outside of San Luis Obispo County
  2. Agreement to hold checks (This represents an agreement between the check writer and the merchant that the check will not be deposited until after a certain date).
  3. Post-dated checks or two party checks.
  4. Checks that come under these various areas are often referred to Small Claims Court and are considered civil matters.

Police Referrals: Police Referrals

  1. Forged checks
  2. Stolen checks
  3. Fraudulent or Fictitious checks
  4. Traveler’s checks
  5. Money orders

If you are unsure whether the check you possess is eligible for the program, please contact the Bad Check Program at 781-5896 for information.

Any person who receives a bad check is eligible to participate in the Bad Check Program if the following conditions are met:

  • Check was passed in the County of San Luis Obispo or received by mail in this County.
  • Check must come back to the recipient stamped non-sufficient funds or account closed.

This service is provided free of charge.

This service is available throughout the year during regular business hours. The SLO Office at the County Courthouse Annex remains closed to the public to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. You must call and leave a message and your call will be returned. Thank you for your patience during this time.



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