Kittens available for adoption, July 2019.
Kittens available for adoption, July 2019.

July Pets of the Month: Kittens!

Author: Animal Services
Date: 6/18/2019 3:03:18 PM

Kittens have arrived! We have adorable kittens—in a beautiful variety of sizes, colors and personalities—all available for adoption and hoping to find loving homes.

The kittens are fun and entertaining. They are naturally independent but also cuddly. They keep themselves clean and are already potty trained.  

What’s even better than one kitten? Two kittens! They will keep each other entertained, active, and exercised. Having two kittens can help prevent food pickiness in both.

If you are looking to add a new four-pawed friend to your life, consider a loveable feline (or two). 

We are located at 885 Oklahoma Avenue, SLO.  Come meet the kittens and find a fun addition to your family.

Monday                    12 noon-5pm

Tuesday                   12 noon-5pm

Wednesday              12 noon-7pm

Thursday                  12 noon-5pm

Friday                       12 noon-5pm

Saturday                   12 noon-5pm