Rendering of 40 Prado

County Supports Proposed Substance Abuse Treatment Center at 40 Prado

Author: Anne Robin
Date: 1/23/2018 2:04:49 PM

The County Board of Supervisors supported the idea of a detox and treatment program at 40 Prado, which will be San Luis Obispo County's first regional homeless services center.

The proposed program will serve up to 10 individuals at a time who need treatment for substance abuse. The Community Action Partnership of SLO County (CAPSLO) plans to build the treatment facility, funded through generous grants from community philanthropists, at 40 Prado. The proposed treatment facility will likely open sometime in early 2019 to be operated by a certified and licensed Medi-Cal provider.

“This is an important and exciting proposal and partnership between the County and CAPSLO to bring a much-needed service to the community,” said County Behavioral Health Administrator Anne Robin.

There are approximately 22,300 to 27,100 adults (about 10% of adults) with substance use disorder issues in San Luis Obispo County. SLO County Behavioral Health provided SUD services to 2,269 adults in 2015, and services increased to 2,500 adults in 2016. The need for treatment continues to grow for both individuals who are low-income, Medi- Cal beneficiaries and for others in the community.  At least 2% of the individuals assessed by the County are in need of a residential treatment level of care.  There are currently only 5 beds covered by Medi-Cal in the County.

“Our community continues to struggle with opioid and other addictions with few options for treatment,” said CAPSLO Deputy Director Grace McIntosh. “This facility will fill a gap in our continuum of care and bring much needed services to families struggling with addiction. The community came together to solve this long standing problem. No matter who you are or what your circumstances, all people deserve a chance at recovery.”

The Health Agency provided an update on this proposed project to the Board of Supervisors on Jan. 23, 2018 to seek support of the concept. Since CAPSLO does not have the capacity or expertise to operate a residential treatment center, it is looking to the County to operate the proposed program through its Behavioral Health Department, or to manage a contract with an organization for Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

If the project moves forward, the County Health Agency will at a later date seek approval from the Board to begin the process of seeking a qualified vendor to operate the residential detoxification treatment center. The County Health Agency will also at a later date seek approval from the Board to adjust the budget, as needed, for such an operation. 

View the County staff report on this project, the project report, and the presentation to the Board.