County Mental Health Triage Services

In 2018 the Behavioral Health Department received a Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013 grant, made available by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC). The grant program was established to strengthen and expand the county mental health services system by augmenting existing county crisis services and creating linkages to new services for children and youth aged 21 and under in need of assistance. This grant provides triage services, including crisis intervention, crisis stabilization, mobile crisis support, case management, and linkages to services for youth.

The County’s SLO Crisis and Connections addresses the County’s need to improve coordination and collaboration of the current crisis response system for children and youth. Overall, the intent of the grant award is to reduce the number of children and youth under the age of 21 requiring further hospitalization while also providing a linkage to appropriate levels of care in an outpatient setting. 

The County has partnered with Sierra Mental Wellness Group to provide its Youth Triage Services as part of the Mental Health Evaluation Team.

Please contact our Youth Triage Services at 1 (800) 838-1381.

In the case of a life threatening Emergency, please call 9-1-1.

For SLO Crisis and Connections please contact Jason Hooson, LPT; [email protected]  

For grant and contract information please contact Kristin Ventresca, [email protected]   (805) 781-1104