Middle School Comprehensive Program

Children raising hand in classroom.Middle School Comprehensive Program services include counseling, family support and youth development opportunities. These services are provided on middle school campuses in participating districts.

Behavioral Health counselors help students who are dealing with a variety of personal problems, including those related to conflict with others, depression, anxiety, grief, recent life changes, alcohol and/or drug use, etc. The LINK 's Family Advocates provide direct contact with families, advocating within the school system and throughout the social services network, across social, cultural and economic boundaries. The youth development program, Friday Night Live, builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development, which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.

For more information on this program, please contact Behavioral Health Prevention and Outreach Division at (805) 781-4754.




PEI Program "Wraparound Services" Student and family graph.


In Fiscal Year 2018-19, students enrolled in the Middle School Comprehensive Program demonstrated an increase of 28% in protective factors, and a decrease of 26% in risk factors. Youth who participate in the program achieve better outcomes in leadership and advocacy, as well as learning and school bonding than the general student population.

Middle School Comprehensive Program FY 2018-19 Data
Unduplicated individuals served 835
Individual family members served



Figure 1: Youth Development Survey: Impact of Club Live on Leadership and Advocacy Fiscal year 18-19

Friday Night Live (FNL) helps me believe I can try new things and take on new challenges.

Because of FNL, I want to take action in my community. 5.25
FNL prepared me to take action in my community. 5.28
In FNL, adults staff provided youth with leadership roles. 5.28
Youth and adults work together to make decisions in FNL. 5.43

Survey Scale: Strongly Disagree = 1, Strongly Agree = 6.  Staff from the Prevention and Early Intervention team at Los Osos Middle School.


Figure 2: Youth Development Survey: Impact of Club Live on Learning and School

Bonding Fiscal year 18-19

Because of Friday Night Live (FNL), I am more committed to doing well in school.

Through my involvement with FNL/Club Live, I have learned about opportunities for my future. 4.9
Because of FNL/Club Live, I am more excited about going to school. 4.47
Because of my involvement in FNL, I am more likely to continue my education. 5.01

Survey Scale: Strongly Disagree = 1, Strongly Agree = 6.