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San Luis Obispo County Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan 2021:

The San Luis Obispo County’s Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan is the result of community engagement and planning from various stakeholders. The plan lays out strategic aims, goals, and objectives to address suicide and ensure prevention, intervention, and postvention approaches are established countywide. This document also includes various local, state, and national resources as part of prevention activities. Primarily, the Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan provides a roadmap with clear goal and objective development to build upon successful engagement processes and expand suicide prevention efforts. Read the 2021 plan now. 

2021 Suicide Prevention Forum:

The Suicide Prevention Forum was hosted in partnership by County Behavioral Health and Transitions-Mental Health Association September 29, 2021. The forum speaker, Kelechi Ubozoh, is a mental health advocate, writer, and suicide attempt survivor.Watch below as Kelechi deliver's a storytelling forum on "How My Friends Showed Up: Support During a Mental Health Crisis"  exploring her own personal story and sharing how community members can show up for someone in a crisis.

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