Quality Support

The Behavioral Health Department has fully re-opened all of our locations for in person and walk-in care.  We welcome the community back to our clinics, and we look forward to continuing to move towards fully available, safe, and accessible programs either in-person, or by telehealth.  At this time, masks, distancing, and screening for COVID-19 will continue to be required at all of our facilities, even for people who have been fully vaccinated.

As a healthcare provider with vulnerable patients, we're continuing these requirements in alignment with recommendations from public health authorities. Our top priority is the safety of our patients, visitors, employees, and community. We will continue to provide updates about Behavioral Health programs and facilities and post the latest information on our COVID-19 page.

If you are in crisis, please call the Central Coast Hotline at (800) 783-0607. You may also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HELLO to ‘741-741’.

If you need to begin Behavioral Health services, please call the access line at (800) 838-1381.

Visit www.ReadySLO.org for the latest public health updates and recommendations or call the SLO Public Health information line at (805) 788-2903.

The Quality Support Division ensures access to effective, high quality behavioral health treatment services for Medi-Cal (CenCal) beneficiaries in San Luis Obispo County.


Access to Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Services

The Behavioral Health Department operates a toll-free, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, Central Access line to help SLO residents:

  1. Get mental health and substance use disorder services, including assessment
  2. Get mental health and substance use disorder crisis or urgent services
  3. Use the problem resolution and fair hearing processes

Please contact our access line at 1 (800) 838-1381 for information or to schedule an appointment. All services are available in Spanish.

During regular business hours, Central Access staff are available to schedule first appointments for callers.

Services are available in English, Spanish, and by interpreter in other languages spoken in the community.

Behavioral Health Managed Care

Managed Care performs many authorization and access functions, including: 

  1. Authorization of out-of-county inpatient psychiatric hospitalization
  2. Maintenance of a panel of Network Providers -- licensed therapists in the community who are carefully credentialed to ensure quality and network capacity
  3. Initial authorization of Residential Substance Use Disorder services
  4. Authorization of mental health services for youth in out-of-county placements

Network Provider Resources

Network Providers are licensed providers with private practices in the community who contract with Behavioral Health to serve Medi-Cal beneficiaries. 

For information about becoming a Network Provider, open the Application Information folder.

Current Network Providers may access blank forms and training materials in the Documentation Forms and Resources Folder.

Behavioral Health Board

The Behavioral Health Board is an independent oversight body whose objectives include to:

  1. Review and evaluate the community’s behavioral health needs, services, and facilities.
  2. Ensure services are provided to improve and maintain the health of individuals and families affected by mental health and substance use issues. 
  3. Advise the Board of Supervisors and the Behavioral Health Administrator.
  4. Review and approve the procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement in program planning processes.
  5. Review and comment on the County’s performance outcome data and communicate its findings to the California Mental Health Planning Council. 
  6. Assess the impact of realignment of services on the local community to make recommendations for any service level reductions or expansions.

Quality Support Team

The Quality Support Team (QST) performs a variety of tasks designed to measure and improve the quality of services provided by Behavioral Health. We monitor access and outcome information and work in collaboration with the state Department of Health Care Services to ensure that SLO residents obtain needed mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

Health Agency Contractor and Network Provider Support Page

This is a resource page for contractors and network providers of the County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency.  The contents of this page will help support compliance with HIPAA and other contractual and legal obligations.  For questions about how to use this page, please contact David Michels, Compliance Officer at (805) 781-4788.

Please contact our access line at 1 (800) 838-1381 for information or to schedule an appointment. All services are available in Spanish.