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WIC Infant Formula BrandsStarting May 1, 2023, WIC families will only be able to purchase the following WIC contract formulas:

  • Similac Advance (12.4 oz powder or 13 fl. oz liquid concentrate)
  • Similac Sensitive (12.5 oz powder only)
  • Similac Total Comfort (12.6 oz powder only)
  • Enfamil ProSobee (12.9 oz powder or 13 fl. oz liquid concentrate)


      - Similac Powder Formulas English | Spanish

      - Enfamil ProSobee Powder Formula English | Spanish

      - Therapeutic Formulas English | Spanish


Enfamil ProSobee powder formula may be harder to find in stores in April and May 2023. You may need to switch to a different formula during this time. Your WIC office is here to help you with any questions.


You should use the California WIC App to check your WIC food benefits and to make sure you are getting the right formula.


WIC also provides breastfeeding and infant feeding support to all families. Call your WIC office or text (888) 417-6180 for more information on breastfeeding support, what formulas are available, infant feeding tips and answers to your formula questions


Infant Formula Flyer: HTML Webpage | English | Spanish


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