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Map Viewer with Food Inspection Results Now Available

Author: Environmental Health Staff
Date: 11/30/2017 8:41:37 AM

View the new mobile friendly interactive food facilities map with inspection results and learn about Safe Food Donations (for food facilities).

Interested in “what goes on back there” in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, behind the aisles of your local market or just looking for a new place to try? Our Environmental Health team makes unannounced inspections to all actively permitted retail food facilities in our county, and makes these timely inspection reports available at and via our mobile-friendly EatSafeSLO map viewer. Make informed decisions by viewing the locations and inspection reports of these facilities in your current vicinity or explore the expanding inventory of the county’s many food facilities.

Please refer to the Safe Surplus Food Donation ToolkitSafe Surplus Food Donation Guide in 8 Steps, Safe Surplus Food Donation FAQ's, and Safe Surplus Food Donation Brochure to learn how to safely donate food.