Ocean waves. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Ocean waves. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Avoid Ocean Water Contact During and After Rainstorms

Author: Environmental Health
Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 9:25 AM

The County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department advises the public to avoid ocean water contact during, and at least three days following, significant rainstorms.

Rainstorm runoff is known to transport to the ocean high levels of disease-causing organisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa originating from the watershed and urban areas.  Such organisms carried into the ocean can cause skin, respiratory, and intestinal problems.  People with compromised immune systems, plus the very young and elderly, are especially vulnerable to these waterborne pathogens.

Surfers and others ocean water enthusiasts are advised to avoid ocean water contact during this period, especially areas close to creeks, rivers, storm drains and other runoff outlets that empty into the ocean.

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