Forms & Documents > Completed (SB) 252 Critically Overdrafted Water Basins Supplemental Well Application Forms

Name Description Type
Senate Bill (SB) 252 California Legislative Information Regarding Senate Bill (SB) 252 Link
Well-Permit_2018_022_WP1025956 File
Well-Permit_2018_044_WP1025998 File
Well-Permit_2018_053_WP102017 File
Well-Permit_2018_094_WP1026082 File
Well-Permit_2018_095_WP1026084 File
Well-Permit_2018_131_WP1026133 File
Well-Permit_2018_132_WP1026134 File
Well-Permit_2018_133_WP1026135 File
Well-Permit_2018_139_WP1026153 File
Well-Permit_2018_162_WP1026179 File
Well-Permit_2018_211_WP1026248 File
Well-Permit_2018_231_WP1026280 File
Well-Permit_2018_245_WP1026304 File
Well-Permit_2019_028_WP1026373 File
Well-Permit_2019_029_WP1026375 File
Well-Permit_2019_031_WP1026380 File
Well-Permit_2019_073_WP1026454 Well Permit_2019_073_WP1026454 File
Well-Permit_2019_133_WP1026568 File
Well-Permit-2018_002_WP1025880 File
Well-Permit-2018_004_WP1025882 File

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