Forms & Documents > Completed (SB) 252 Critically Overdrafted Water Basins Supplemental Well Application Forms

Name Description Type Action
Senate Bill (SB) 252 California Legislative Information Regarding Senate Bill (SB) 252 Link External Link
Well-Permit_2018_022_WP1025956 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_044_WP1025998 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_053_WP102017 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_094_WP1026082 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_095_WP1026084 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_131_WP1026133 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_132_WP1026134 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_133_WP1026135 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_139_WP1026153 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_162_WP1026179 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_211_WP1026248 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_231_WP1026280 File Download
Well-Permit_2018_245_WP1026304 File Download
Well-Permit_2019_028_WP1026373 File Download
Well-Permit_2019_029_WP1026375 File Download
Well-Permit_2019_031_WP1026380 File Download
Well-Permit_2019_073_WP1026454 Well Permit_2019_073_WP1026454 File Download
Well-Permit_2019_133_WP1026568 File Download
Well-Permit-2018_002_WP1025880 File Download
Well-Permit-2018_004_WP1025882 File Download

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