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Name Description Type
04-02-20-Provider-Advisory-COVID19-Presentation-and-testing Updated Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Testing and Clinical Presentation File
03-31-20-Provider-Advisory-criteria-for-return-to-work-for-healthcare-personnel 3-31-2020: Provider Alert Guidance from CDC Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 File
03-23-20-Provider-Advisory-Discontinuation-of-Home-Isolation-Plus-Attachment 03-23-20 Provider Advisory Discontinuation of Home Isolation File
03-23-20-Audio-Briefing-Regarding-COVID-19-Now-Available-To-Providers Audio Briefing Regarding COVID-19 Now Available To Providers File
03-23-20-CDC-Interim-Guidance_-Disposition-of-Non-Hospitalized-Patients-with-COVID-19-_-CDC Guidance from the CDC for healthcare providers on the decision to discontinue home isolation. Options include both a non-test-based and test-based strategy. (3/23/20) File
03-17-20-Provider-Advisory-COVID19-Limiting-tests Latest testing criteria for the Public Health Lab. Limits COVID-19 testing to symptomatic close contacts of confirmed cases as well as hospital inpatients who meet clinical criteria for testing. Physicians may still use commercial labs (WestPac Labs, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories) for other COVID-19 testing. (3/17/20) File
03-15-20-Provider-Advisory-COVID19-Lab-Results Information for providers on obtaining their COVID-19 testing results from the Public Health Lab. (3/15/20) File
03-13-2020-nCoVUpdatedProviderNotice-In-Patient-Testing Provider guidelines for COVID-19 screening, referral and specimen collection (IN-PATIENT). (3/13/20) File
03-13-2020-nCoVUpdatedProviderNotice-Out-Patient-testing Provider guidelines for COVID-19 screening, referral and specimen collection (OUT-PATIENT). (3/13/20) File
03-13-20-COVID19-Healthcare-Worker-with-Potential-Exposure Infection prevention and control recommendations for healthcare providers caring for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Includes guidance on PPE and what to do after a potential exposure. (3/13/20) File
03-11-2020-Novel-COVID19-Testing-Referral-Provider-Notice Previous COVID-19 testing referral process for Public Health Lab. (3/11/20) File
03-10-2020 Provider-Notice-Clinician-Outreach-and-Communication-Activity-(COCA) Notice of CDC teleconference regarding COVID-19 and impacts on pregnant women and children. (3/10/20) File
03-06-20-COVID19-Provider-Advisory-Mandatory-Reporting-of-Lab-Tests Requirement for clinicians to report positive COVID-19 test results immediately by calling (805) 781-5500 and completing CMR Form A. (3/06/20) File
03-05-20-COVID19-Testing-Provider-Advisory Notice that Public Health Lab validating its test kit for COVID-19 and would begin testing shortly. (3/05/20) File
02-27-20-COVID19-Provider-Notice Previous CDC testing criteria for COVID-19. (2/27/20) File
02-04-2020 Flowchart-identify-assess-2019 nCoV Previous CDC testing criteria for COVID-19 (flowchart). (2/04/20) File
02-04-2020-Provider-Testing-2019-nCoV Previous CDC testing criteria for COVID-19. (2/04/20) File
01-23-2020-AFL-20-09 COVID-19 health update and interim guidance from CDPH. (1/23/20) File

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