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Name Description Type
09 - Sep 25 2017 - Agenda & Board Materials - v1 File
2017 Dental Plans Letter This is a listing of the available dental plans and their costs for 2017. File
2018-Benefit-Brochure-ACTIVES-FINAL-(5) 2018 Active Employee Benefit Brochure File
2018-Medicare-Plans-High-Level-Comparison 2018 Medicare Plans High Level Comparison File
2019 Wellness Discount Providers File
2019-SLO-County-Cafeteria-Benefits-and-Premium-Rates 2019 Cafeteria Plan Benefits and Premium Rates File
2018-Switching-Insurance-Pools-FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about the 2018 Switch of Insurance Pools from CalPERS to CSAC EIA File
2020 Retiree Premiums File
2020-Cafeteria-Rates-(Updated-2020-01-22).pdf 2020 Employee Cafeteria Rates and Health Premium Rates File
2020-Employee-Benefit-Brochure-Final-12272019 2020 Employee Benefit Brochure File
2020-ID-Cards-Information File
2020-Retiree-Benefits-Brochure-Final 2020 Retiree Benefit Brochure File
2020-Retiree-Premiums 2020 Retiree Premiums File
Affordable Care Act Notice to Employees Affordable Care Act Exchange Notice to Employees File
BCC SmartCare HealthCare FSA w Rollover File
Capture File
2019 National Preferred Formulary Exclusions Excluded medications and preferred alternatives File
CSAC-EIA-(County-of-San-Luis-Obispo)-Anthem-Care-PPO_SBC_Revised File
CSAC-EIA-(County-of-San-Luis-Obispo)-Anthem-Choice-PPO_SBC_Revised File
CSAC-EIA-(County-of-San-Luis-Obispo)-Anthem-EPO_SBC_Revised File
CSAC-EIA-(County-of-San-Luis-Obispo)-Anthem-Select-PPO_SBC_Revised File
CSAC-EIA-(County-of-San-Luis-Obispo)-High-Deductible-Health-Plan_SBC_R File
EIA Anthem Find A Provider Instructions EIA Anthem Find a Provider Instructions File
Anthem-National-PPO-Providers-08-2017 Anthem Choice, Care & EPO Provider Network as of Aug. 2017 File
Anthem-Select-PPO-Providers-08-2017 Anthem Select PPO Providers as of Aug. 2017 File
2018 Premium Rates Regular Plans - Retiree 2018 Premium Rates for Regular Plans for Retirees File
CalPERS Health Plans Summary CalPERS Health Benefits Summary - A side-by-sde comparison of all available CalPERS health plans. File
2017 Cafeteria Amounts 2017 Cafeteria Plan Amounts File
Carrum-Health Carrum Health Plan Information File
Employee-Benefits-Brochure 2019 Employee Benefits Brochure File
ESI-National-Plus-Retail-Pharmacy ESI-National-Plus-Retail-Pharmacy File
Evidence of Coverage Folder
FAQ Folder
Foundations in Excellence_winter 2020_1422 File
How Will Employees Be Paid FINAL 3.20 File
How Will Employees Be Paid FINAL 3.20 File
How-To-Estimate-Your-Costs File
LHO-Custom-FAQ-Flier_CSAC-EIA LiveHealth Online - Quick and easy access to a doctor 24/7 File
OE-Info-Sesisons Open Enrollment Informational Sessions - Active Employees File
P1010907 File
Retiree Open Enrollment Information Retiree Open Enrollment Letter File
2017 Health Plans Letter This is a listing of available health plans and cafeteria amounts for 2017. File
Retiree-Benefits-Brochure-Final 2019 Retiree Benefit Brochure File
Retiree-Medicare-Premium-Rates-2018 2018 Retiree Medicare Plan Premium Rates File
Retiree-OE-Info-Sesisons Open Enrollment Informational Sessions - Retirees File
Retiree-Premiums-(2) File
SLO-Aetna-Dentists SLO County Aetna Dentists File
SLO-Annual-Notices SLO Annual Notices File
Websites for Health, Dental, and Vision Plans Health, Dental, and Vision Plan Websites File
Health Program Guide A complete information guide to your CalPERS health benefits File
Medicare Enrollment Guide A practical guide to understanding how CalPERS and Medicare work together. File
Pharmacy Benefits Folder
Providers Folder
Summary of Benefits and Coverage by Plan Folder
VSP Grievance Process Grievance Process for VSP Claims File

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