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2021 Summer Childcare

The County’s Summer Childcare Reimbursement Program is now accepting applications for 2021!

The Summer Childcare Reimbursement Program is designed to assist County employees with some of the costs of summer childcare expenses for school aged children. Under this reimbursement program, you pick the summer childcare arrangement, enroll your child in the program and pay for the cost. You then submit an original receipt for your predetermined reimbursement. View the Guidelines under "Related Pages" below, or click here.

Who is Eligible to Apply for this Benefit?

Permanent Employees working 20 or more hours per week in the following bargaining units are eligible to apply for this program:

  • BU 01: Public Services
  • BU 02: Traders, Crafts & Services Unit
  • BU 05: Supervisory Unit
  • BU 11: Confidential
  • BU 13: Clerical Unit

Program Details

This program provides reimbursement for some of the cost of childcare for school-age children five years of age that have completed kindergarten through children age 14 who have completed the 8th grade. Reimbursements will be made during the summer school break only (June through August 2021). Families with gross earnings last calendar year of $83,950 or less are eligible to apply for the reimbursement program.  A copy of your 2020 Federal tax return and 2020 W-2 form will be required.

Please be advised that childcare reimbursements, along with any other employer provided dependent care assistance are reportable to the IRS. Any childcare reimbursements issued by SLOCEA totaling $600 or more will generate a Federal Tax Form 1099 reportable to the IRS.

*Special announcement for 2021 only: COVID-19 conditions expand this qualification to include children under 5 years old and extend the deadline to June 30, 2021.

How to Apply

SLOCEA administers this program for all applicants. Applications are available here. A complete application form must be submitted to SLOCEA by June 30, 2021.


Contact SLOCEA at (805) 543-2021 or email [email protected] 

Tuition Reimbursement

Current Announcements

Tuition reimbursement forms must be submitted no later than June 30, 2021 for the 2020-2021 FY.

The County provides Tuition Reimbursement for work related and Department Head approved expenses. This benefit varies by Bargaining Unit and is subject to funds availability each fiscal year.

Who is eligible for this program?

  • County employees represented by Bargaining Units 01, 02, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 13, 17, 31, and 32 are eligible for reimbursement. 

After reviewing the instructions and determining your course or training is eligible for reimbursement, please sign up, attend, and pay for the course or training. 

Please keep proof of payment and course completion as they will be required for reimbursement. Follow the directions below to submit a tuition reimbursement form:

  1. Proof of payment must be attached to your employee tuition reimbursement form, and is required to receive your reimbursement. (Proof of payment can be a: cancelled check, bank statement with copy of check, credit card bill, invoice showing payment, or receipt for cash payment)
  2. Proof of completion, attached to your employee tuition reimbursement form, is required to receive your reimbursement.
  3. After successful completing of the course or training, complete the Employee Tuition Reimbursement Form through NeoGov e-Forms. You will be required to provide proof of payment and gain you department head’s approval.
  4. Upload a copy of the course description or training agenda, proof of payment, and certification of course completion to the e-Form and have your department head sign.

 Please allow four (4) weeks for your claim to be processed.


The County cares about the Wellness of our employees. Please view the related pages below to learn more about how the County supports your physical and mental health.