Catastrophic Leave Program

Only vacation hours may be donated. The minimum donation is eight (8) vacation hours and you must have a minimum balance of 80 hours following your donation. The donated vacation hours are converted to a cash value based on the donor’s rate of pay. The cash value is then divided by the recipient's hourly rate, to arrive at the number of hours donated. The hours donated are then given to the recipient as sick leave hours. In other words, if the donor’s salary were double the recipient’s salary, a 10-hour donation would result in 20 hours of sick leave for the person on Catastrophic Leave.

If you think you are a candidate to receive catastrophic leave balances, please review and complete the Catastrophic Leave Application and Policy.

If you would like to donate vacation hours to the program, please complete the Catastrophic Leave Transfer Request form. 

If you would like more information or wish to be added to the Donor Pool, please contact the Benefit Manager at (805) 781-5959 or read the Catastrophic Leave Frequently Asked Questions.


Catastrophic Leave Program