2021 Medicare Pharmacy

            Anthem PPO Medicare & Anthem EPO Medicare 


Retail Pharmacy  (1 Month Supply)

Retail Pharmacy  (2 Month Supply)

Retail Pharmacy  (3 Month Supply)

Mail Order            (3 Month Supply)


(Tier 1)

$5 Copay

$10 Copay

$15 Copay

$10 Copay

Preferred Brand

(Tier 2)


$20 Copay


$40 Copay


$60 Copay


$40 Copay


(Tier 3)

$50 Copay

$100 Copay

$150 Copay

$100 Copay

 Did You Know?

  • If you are currently enrolled in a pharmacy plan, you will not receive a new pharmacy ID card for 2021. If you are enrolling for the first time or making plan changes then you will receive a new ID card in prior to January 1st. Two ID cards are issued to the subscriber with subscriber name only. No ID cards are issued with dependent names
  • Medicare members & Non-Medicare members have separate Express Scripts accounts, even if you are covered by the same plan. If your covered family members are all on Medicare, or all are not, then your accounts will not be separate.
    • Medicare members & Non-Medicare members also have different customer service lines:
      • Non-Medicare Line: 1-877-554-3091
      • Medicare Line: 1-844-468-0428


Get Started with Home Delivery: Get up to a 90 Day Supply & Pay Lower Copays!

If you take prescription medicine on an ongoing basis, you can order from their convenient home delivery pharmacy. Once you start, you can refill and renew your prescriptions from the website or mobile app - and free standard shipping is included.

To review your home delivery opportunities, go to the website or mobile app and for any medicine that displays the "Transfer to Home Delivery" option, click the button, then select the item and click "add to cart". After you add your retail medicine to the cart, complete the checkout process in order to finalize the transfer to home delivery.