Early Retiree 2019 Medical Plans

                        2019 Non-Medicare Retiree Medical Plans

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                                                  What's New in 2019:

Early Retirees ONLY (Under 65 & Not on Medicare)


Peace Officer Plan: Due to low enrollment, similar premiums, and richer benefits offered on other plans, the Anthem Peace Officer plan will not be offered in 2019. Participants in this plan will be automatically transitioned to Anthem Care effective 1/1/2019. No action is required during Open Enrollment for medical insurance unless retirees want to elect a plan other than Anthem Care.

Anthem EPO Pharmacy Benefit Enhancement: All early retirees will now have the same pharmacy benefit. This change will reduce the out of pocket maximum for those enrolled in the Anthem EPO plan.


Aetna Dental Provider Alert: There are no plan changes, however, the office of Dr. Latta, Wells, & Poblacion has notified the County they will no longer accept Aetna Dental after 12/31/18. A list of Aetna Primary Care Dentists with capacity to take new patients is available on our Open Enrollment website or by contacting Aetna at 877-238-6200.


Standard progressive lenses will now be covered in full for no additional cost. In addition, an extra $20 will be added to retirees’ frame allowance for select name brands.


Who Do I Call If…?

You Call:

Medical Issues/Questions

  • I want to check if my provider is in Anthem’s network for my plan
  • I have a question about how my plan covers a certain service or procedure
  • I lost my medical ID card and need a new one
  • I received a bill from medical provider and I don’t think it’s right

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