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One of the most critical issues we face in our community is access to care – regardless of the insurance pool or carrier – we belong to. As part of EIA Health, we have access to Anthem's nationwide PPO network which includes local hospitals such as French, Sierra Vista, Marian, Twin Cities, Cottage and out of area facilities like Stanford Hospital regardless of the medical plan you select.

Employees will have the choice of two networks: the BlueCard PPO network which is Anthem's full nationwide network or a narrower selection of doctors utilized by EIA Anthem Select at a reduced premium. These are the same networks that are offered with CalPers PPO plans. Before making a plan selection employees are encouraged to review the available providers by plan. Network information by plan is available below:

Network Name

Plan Names

Network Info

Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer) Large Group    

EIA Anthem Choice, Care, & EPO & HDHP 

Anthems Nationwide PPO network

Select PPO

Anthem Select

Narrow Network of providers

BlueCard PPO Network

All Plans-Out of State

Out of State providers on Anthems Nationwide PPO network







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Important Note for Medicare Retirees:

Medicare is your primary insurance and Anthem coordinates with Medicare once Medicare has been billed for services. Your provider must accept Medicare, in addition to being an in-network provider. Be sure to present both your Medicare Card and your Anthem card when checking in for an appointment with a provider.