Post Employment Health Plans

The Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP) is designed to help employees defray the cost of health care after separation from County service.

Bargaining Units 01 - Public Services, 13 - Clerical, 05 - Supervisory and 02 Trades & Crafts

  • County contributions of $50 per month for each eligible employee are placed in the employee's PEHP Universal Reimbursement Account with Nationwide Retirement Solutions
  • Contributions are tax-free
  • All initial contributions default into the most conservative investment option within a variable annuity
  • Employees may choose more aggressive funds by contacting Nationwide Retirement Solutions or completing an Employee Allocation Form
  • After separation of service, the PEHP account can be used to pay qualified medical expenses which are not covered by health insurance - including expenditures such as glasses, prescription drugs, deductibles and co-pays not covered by health care insurance

Bargaining Units 04 - SLOGAU, 06 - DA Investigator's, 07 - Management, 08 - General Management, 09 - Appointed Department Heads, 10 - Elected Officials, 11 - Confidential, 12 - DCCA, 15 - Sheriff's Managers and 17 - Supervisors

  • Upon termination, the first portion of any sick leave payoff as currently provided the MOU or by County Ordinance Code §2.44.060(i)(l) - will be contributed directly to the individual’s PEHP Insurance Premium Reimbursement Account
  • The Insurance Premium Reimbursement Account works just like its name suggests -- it reimburses qualified health insurance premiums paid by you.  This includes any qualified health insurance premiums, dental and vision insurance premiums, Medicare Part B and Medicare supplements and qualified Long-Term Care premiums

Post Employment Health Plan Claim Form 


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