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  1. Enter your user information:
    1. USER ID: First letter of first name, full last name, entire DOB
      1. EX: Judy Smith-Doe DOB:01/25/1973                  USER ID: jsmithdoe01251973
    2. Password:Your password will be what you set it to last Open Enrollment. If you cannot remember it, you can click the Reset Password button on the login page or call BCC at 1-800-685-6100 for a reset.
  2. For Company Name Type: SLO
  3. Click the Sign In button to enter the system

                 If you are having system issues or have forgotten                                 your username and/or password, you must call                         BCC at  1-800-685-6100 for assistance. If you enter wrong                     username or password more than 5 times, you will be                                      locked out and will need to call BCC.