Walking Meetings

Recommended Size

  • One on One Meetings

  • Small Group Meetings 3-5


Planning suggestions 

Determine Course

For very small groups, you can be more spontaneous in deciding where to go. With more people, determine a comfortable place to gather such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or covered area.

Determine whether the walk will return to the start, and if not, how people will be able to get transportation. Estimate the time and consider how to adjust the walk to fit the allotted time.


Roles: Leadership, Recording

A leader/organizer is not needed for smaller groups, but may be necessary for large groups. Very large groups may even need a leader with several assistants.

If there is need to record the discussion or decisions, designate someone to take notes or use a recorder.



Discussion in small groups can occur simply while walking. With larger groups, the gathering time can be used to let people get to know each other, and to preview the goals and course of the walk. Because people will be involved in multiple conversations while walking, plan to have stopping points to gather periodically. This can be a time to focus on something in the environment, or to have a speaker lead a discussion.


Ask for verbal feedback after the walk or use a simple questionnaire.

Dealing with challenges

Cell Phones

Ask people to turn off cell phones before the meeting, because people often feel even less inhibited taking a call during a meeting held out of doors.

Diversity of Walking Paces

Splitting the group into slower and faster mini groups can address this concern.

Following an Agenda

Include stops to punctuate the meeting, with each stop representing the transition from one topic in the agenda to another.


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