Children sell homemade crafts at the Morro Bay Children's Craft Fair
Children sell homemade crafts at the Morro Bay Children's Craft Fair

Library Hosts Children's Craft Fairs

Author: Kaela Popovich, Youth Services Librarian
Date: 10/22/2018 3:59:34 PM

The County of SLO Public Libraries host a series of Children's Craft Fairs for kids to learn about entrepreneurship.

This Fall the County of San Luis Obispo Public Libraries hosted two craft fairs for children; the Los Osos Library held their 10th Annual Children’s Craft Fair, and the Morro Bay Library introduced their 1st Annual Children’s Craft Fair. These craft fairs offered children in the coastal communities an opportunity to learn skills that promoted entrepreneurship and put those skills into practice. 

Preceding each fair, Youth Services Librarian, Kaela Popovich, offered a workshop on marketing, pricing, money handling, customer service, presentation, and product development for kids.  These workshops inspired twenty-eight children and helped them understand the fundamentals of running a small business.  Following the workshops children had an opportunity to create and then sell their own products at the craft fair for a modest price of $4.00 or less. 

This year’s craft fairs hosted over 100 children selling their wares, with over 500 community members in attendance.  Youth Librarian Kaela Popovich stated, “I find that not only is the craft fair a great opportunity for the kids to take pride in selling items they have made, we also have heard parents say that this shows their kids that they are powerful enough to create with their hands something that others value." 

"I find that the workshops we hold help teach the participants a lot about business, money, responsibility, and math.  Kids then take those tools and put them into practice in real life by making the crafts, setting up their booth and selling their items,” said Popovich. 

Parents, youth, and community members appreciated the opportunity for youth in their communities to showcase their creativity and learn about running a successful business at the same time. 

For those looking to support budding entrepreneurs throughout the rest of the year, the Los Osos Library will be hosting a Teen Craft Fair November 17, 2018, and the Arroyo Grande Library will be hosting a Children’s Craft Fair December 8, 2018. For more information regarding these upcoming events visit the County of San Luis Obispo Public Library’s events page.