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Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Natural and man-made disasters strike daily around the globe leaving devastation in their wake. Whether it is a flood, a hazardous materials accident, a house fire, or an earthquake, disasters can and do happen. We cannot accurately predict when or where a disaster may strike, but we can prepare for them and mitigate the consequences should we be faced with an emergency situation.

Preparing for a disaster has real benefits. Being prepared reduces fear and anxiety for you and your family, reduce or eliminate damage to your home, reduce injuries, illness, and could even save your life.   Use the informational links on the left to learn more. 

To be prepared for a disaster you need to know what the risks are, make a plan with your family, and build an emergency supply kit. If you have children, get them involved in the planning process. With your supervision, let your children select foods and small toys that they would like in the disaster supply kit. Getting your family prepared can seem like an overwhelming task, but someday it may bring a huge reward.

Residents and visitors to San Luis Obispo County should also be aware that the full sized edition of the San Luis Obispo Yellow Pages telephone book contains important emergency planning information. 

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