Nuclear Power Plant Reception Centers

Protective Action Zone Evacuations 

Emergency planning and preparedness is essential to keeping you and your family safe. Nuclear power plant emergency preparedness is no different than other disasters. Knowing how you will be notified, what you should do, and where your children would be bussed if they are in school will give you peace of mind and enable you to remain safe.

If You Are Told to Evacuate

If possible, go to the home of a friend or relative outside the affected area. If this is not possible, go to a designated Reception Centers or Congregate Care Centers announced on local radio and television stations.

If necessary, Reception and/or Congregate Care Centers will be opened by public officials and the Red Cross. A Reception Center is a location where people can be registered by County and Red Cross personnel and then be provided shelter in a different location, such as a high school gymnasium. A Congregate Care Center is a location where people can obtain shelter.

Radiation monitoring and, if necessary, decontamination services by trained personnel also will be available at or near the centers listed below. Assistance with locating family members also will be available at these centers.

  • To the south of the Emergency Planning Zone, the Central Coast New Tech High School at Nipomo High School is the designated Congregate Care Center.
  • To the north of the Emergency Planning Zone, Camp Roberts is the designated Congregate Care Center.

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