Cave Landing Public Workshop 02.26.19

Cave Landing Public Workshop Gathers Input

Author: County of San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department
Date: 2/27/2019 12:07:49 PM

San Luis Obispo County Parks held a Public Workshop, on February 26th, to present and gather input on the conceptual plan for the Cave Landing natural area access improvements.

The goal of the plan is to create a safer parking area at Cave Landing to protect the public access to the beach, cave, trails, coastal views, and night star viewing.  The conceptual plan incorporates the public input gathered at a previous Public Workshop held last April. 

Over 30 citizens attended the workshop and provided helpful input on the conceptual plan presented.  Some of the suggestions included: increasing the size of proposed parking lot area; and reducing and/or relocating proposed bioswales.  Discussions included the pros and cons of adding an entry gate to the parking lot area, and the pros and cons of including parking lot space striping.

Cave Landing includes numerous unimproved trails, including a trail from the unpaved parking area to Pirate’s Cove beach, and other trails along the bluff.  The parking area is deeply rutted with significant erosion and often congested during the summer.  The secluded nature of the area has led to its use for night time parties, public drunkenness, drug use and petty theft, and there have been numerous injuries and medical responses.  The site also contains sensitive archaeological resources and is a Native American sacred site.

The County attempted to develop the site as a part of the County Park System, in 2014, but was denied the permit for the complete project primarily to concerns that the project involved too much development for the site.  Since 2014, the Whale Cave Conservancy volunteers have regularly removed trash, but are unable to keep up with the volume of trash generated.  There has also been an increase in graffiti that degrades the natural rock formations.  The site’s reputation as a party spot has continued to grow.

“We continue to hear that the public wants to protect this beautiful area and supports adding it to the County Park System as a Natural Area,” said Nick Franco, County Parks Director.