DEER Program Camping at Lopez Lake

County Parks’ DEER Program Earns Award of Excellence

Author: Parks & Recreation Department
Date: 11/18/2019 9:31:31 AM

The California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS), District 8, presented County Parks with an Award of Excellence in Environmental Stewardship for its Discovering the Environment through Education and Recreation (DEER) program on November 15.

This award recognizes the program for embodying and embracing the values and mission of the profession and moving the agency towards a stronger role in the community. The Ranger-led program introduces parks and open space to children of all ages and teaches them to enjoy, appreciate and protect these spaces throughout their lives. The DEER program is funded through two California State Habitat Conservation Fund Grants and through the support of many partners including San Luis Obispo Parks, Open Space and Trails, Friends of Lopez Lake, the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo, Big Brothers – Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, Youth in Action and the Hind Foundation.

(Left to Right: Devin Hyfield, CPRS District 8 President; Bret Bjorkman, Park Ranger I; Ken Klis, Parks Superintendent)