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Name Description Type Action
Agricultural Building Exemption Application Applicants use this form to apply for an exemption to a construction permit for an agricultural building (Form BLD-1001) File Download
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Change Order to Issued Permit This form is to formally request a change to an issued permit (Form BLD-1003) File Download
Change Order to Permit Application This form petitions a formal change order to a previously submitted permit application (Form BLD-1002) File Download
Concurrent Processing Request This form requests concurrent process of construction and land use permits for a project (Form BLD-1007) File Download
Consent of Property Owner This form obtains consent from the property owner for any improvements or changes made to real property (Form BLD-1005) File Download
Fire Rebuild FAQ This FAQ starts the rebuild process after a structure fire (Form BLD-2013). File Download
Owner-Builder Acknowledgement This form is to establish an owner-builder as the responsible party of record on a permit (Form BLD-1006) File Download
Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter Single Line Diagram This diagram illustrates a single-line photovoltaic micro-inverter (Form BLD-1014) File Download
Photovoltaic System Diagram This diagram illustrates a single-line photovoltaic system (Form BLD-1015) File Download
Research Request Form used to request information regarding building permits in the unincorporated area of the county (Form BLD-1009) File Download
Site Check Waiver and Checklist This is a plan and layout checklist and statement of compliance with the terms of site check (Form BLD-1012) File Download
Tree Removal Request Request to remove trees that do not fall under Oak Woodland Ordinance (Form BLD-1013) File Download

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