County Housing Initiatives Package

Housing Initiatives

Movable Tiny Houses

With this initiative, property owners would have the option to use movable tiny houses as accessory dwellings. Currently, movable tiny houses are considered recreational vehicles and cannot be lived in. The County is looking to change this by distinguishing movable tiny houses that resemble conventional houses and are built to safety standards from other recreational vehicles/campers.

Agricultural Worker Housing

Your County Government is looking at changes to help build housing for agricultural workers including adjusting the policies so they are more flexible and make it easier to get permits for building additional homes or bunk houses in rural areas for workers.

Permit Fees

Permit fees have been eliminated for affordable housing projects. This change will make it easier for nonprofits to build more affordable housing for the low-income workers throughout the county.

Accessory Dwelling Units

It is now easier to build second homes (or “Accessory Dwelling Units”) on your property because the property owner no longer must live in one of the units and a requirement to pave the access road has also been removed. The County is also looking at ways to further ease restrictions on second homes by allowing for them in more areas of the county and relaxing rules for how they can be placed on properties.

Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and Affordable Housing Fund

This initiative would change how affordable housing requirements and fees are applied to new development projects. With this proposal, only new homes over 2,200 square feet in size would have to pay fees. Fees paid on larger homes would go into a special fund used to help build affordable housing in the county.


Important Dates

January 23, 2019 Tiny Homes Public Workshop
January 24, 2019 Planning Commission Hearing on Inclusionary Housing Ordinance
January through February 2019 Public Comment Period on Tiny Home Ordinance
March 12, 2019 Board of Supervisors Hearing on Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and CEQA Guidelines
Fall/Winter 2019 Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Hearings on ADU, Ag Worker Housing and Tiny Homes Ordinances