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Housing Element Public Review Draft Available

Author: Department of Planning and Building
Date: 6/17/2020 5:00:48 PM

The 2020-2028 Housing Element Public Review Draft for the County of San Luis Obispo is available for review and input.

As one of the required elements of the County’s General Plan, the Housing Element is updated every eight years and provides opportunities for the public to help shape San Luis Obispo County and better serve current and future residents.

The Housing Element is a strategic housing plan for the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County and serves four main purposes:

  • Establish a Framework: Provides a framework to facilitate housing development and address current and projected housing needs. This framework will shape how the unincorporated county will grow, from a housing standpoint, through 2028. The framework comprises the Housing Element goal, objectives, policies, and programs.
  • Assess Housing Needs: Provides an assessment of the housing needs for the unincorporated county, along with information on demographics, trends, and other housing-related data.
  • Report on Progress: Report on the County’s progress in implementing the programs of the previous Housing Element (2014-2019 Housing Element).
  • Qualify for Funding: Qualify the County for certain funding programs offered by the State of California. This requires the Housing Element to satisfy State Housing Element Law and achieve State certification. The process includes addressing the unincorporated county’s share of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation and establishing an inventory of sites for potential housing development.

Through the Housing Element and the included policies and programs, the County can facilitate strategic residential development to meet housing demand and increase affordability.


The Public Review Draft that is available now for review was developed based on:

  • Input provided by community members, housing industry professionals, and stakeholders
  • Housing element best practices
  • State Housing Element Law requirements.

Public Input

Your feedback on the Public Review Draft helps the County of San Luis Obispo further improve and develop housing policies and programs that better serve current and future residents.

The deadline to provide feedback on the Public Review Draft is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

How to Provide Feedback:


Please take a few minutes to provide input on the brief Housing Element Input Survey.

Email and Mail

Comments and questions on the Public Review Draft or Housing Element Update process may be submitted to Cory Hanh, Project Manager.


[email protected]


Department of Planning and Building

Attn: Cory Hanh / Housing Element Update

976 Osos Street, Room 300

San Luis Obispo, CA 93408