The Department of Planning and Building is seeking public comment on amendments to the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance

Public Input Needed to Move Forward on Housing Ordinance

Author: Department of Planning & Building
Date: 1/9/2019 2:47:28 PM

The San Luis Obispo County Department of Planning and Building is asking for the public’s input as the department works on updates or amendments to the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance (Public Review Draft), formerly known as the Secondary Dwelling Ordinance.

Under direction of the Board of Supervisors, Planning and Building staff are working on Phase II of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance to encourage development by removing unnecessary barriers.  As part of this effort, the County has reviewed existing restrictions and limitations on secondary dwellings throughout the unincorporated areas of the County and has released the Accessory Unit Ordinance Public Review Draft.

The proposed amendments were put together based on research, input from the ADU technical advisory committee (TAC), and a public workshop that took place in October 2018.  The proposed changes to the ordinance include the elimination of most ADU exclusion areas, reduction of the minimum parcel size for ADUs and allowance of larger ADUs on smaller parcels, and elimination of parking and maximum separation distance requirements.

The proposed revisions to the ordinance are available as a downloadable PDF. The revisions include strikeouts (deleted text) and underlines (added text).  An executive summary precedes the proposed revisions, identifying the proposed amendments.

We welcome feedback. Written comments can be submitted to the attention of Brian Pedrotti, Senior Planner, via email [email protected]. Hard copy correspondence can be sent to the following address. Deadline to receive comments is Friday, March 8, 2019.

Department of Planning and Building
ATTN: Brian Pedrotti
976 Osos Street, Room 300
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408