The County's Building and Construction Ordinance (Title 19 Section 19.07.042) requires that all new or existing wells that serve new development that overlie or use water from the Nipomo Mesa Water Conservation Area must have a well meter installed. This requirement also applies to new development with permit application dates prior to January 1, 2022 using water from the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Land Use Management Area. Meter installation must be verified by the County prior to building permit issuance.


Applicants should email photos of well meters once installed to [email protected] with permit number in the email subject line showing the location of the meter in proximity to the well, the diameter of the pipe going into the meter, and the length of straight section of pipe on either end of the meter (at least 8 times the pipe diameter, or per manufacturers specifications). Planning staff will review the photos and then sign off on the construction permit condition.

The property owners or responsible party designated by the property owner must read the water meter and record the water usage on or near the first day of the month. These records must be maintained by the property owner or responsible party and may be subject to inspection only by code enforcement pursuant to a violation investigation.

For more information on policies and fees related to wells that apply in the NMWCA or the PRGWB, please click on the links below