Mapping (GIS) Services

The Department of Planning & Building's geographic information system (GIS) - part of the larger, countywide enterprise GIS - is administered by information systems staff who create, maintain, analyze, and map geo-spatial data. This data is used to support many of the Department's day-to-day operations, and is made available to the general public through its LandUseView mapping application and as raw data in the form of web-based API services.

County of San Luis Obispo GIS Services

The GIS team within the Information Technology Department (ITD) is dedicated to supporting the enterprise GIS environment and specialized mapping and analysis projects. Our focus on all aspects of GIS needs at the county allows us to be the trusted partner in support of countywide and department specific GIS projects.


The San Luis Obispo County Planning and Building Department is pleased to present this publicly-available, interactive mapping application. We are committed to providing transparent and easy access to property and land use geospatial information.

County Open Data & Web App Gallery

The County of San Luis Obispo Geographic Information Systems (GIS) teams are committed to providing transparency and easy access to GIS datasets. In order to support this mission, the County of SLO Open Data site was created to be the repository for all publicly available GIS data.

Scroll down to view the County's Web App Gallery. The County of SLO Web Apps provide citizens and County Departments access to data and collaborative tools that are beneficial to the San Luis Obispo community. We recommend interacting with the apps below in order to experience the commitment of the County of SLO to transparency and ease of access to GIS datasets and tools.

County of San Luis Obispo ArcGIS REST Services

Direct link to the County of San Luis Obispo's REST Services where users can access the publicly available data hosted in the County's web map services.