Diablo Canyon Power Plant Decommissioning

In 2016, PG&E decided not to renew the Nuclear Regulatory Commission licenses for the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP). The California Public Utilities Commission approved the plant’s retirement in 2018. As a result, the power plant will cease operating upon the expiration of the Unit 1 and Unit 2 operating licenses, in November 2024 and August 2025, respectively.

PG&E then intends to begin decommissioning the power plant. PG&E submitted a land use permit application to the County in March 2021 for the decommissioning effort. An application supplement was submitted by PG&E on July 8, 2021, in response to the County’s request for additional application information. A third application filing was submitted by PG&E on October 6, 2021, responding to additional County comments. On October 27, 2021, the County accepted PG&E’s application, thus initiating the environmental review process pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

The DCPP Decommissioning Project application files in CSS have been re-named using a prefix system that enables sorting of the files into chronological order, grouped by PG&E and County.  

A User Guide titled “1. CSS USER GUIDE” has been uploaded to the CSS, along with a File Index titled “2. CSS APPL FILE INDEX”, intended to assist the public with identifying the application files in CSS.  The File Index provides the new file name with prefix, the previous file name, and additional reference information on file content.  The User Guide can be accessed here: DRC2021-00092 CSS User Guide (sloplanning.org).  PG&E’s application materials can be accessed using the link below, or by using the link within the CSS User Guide.

PG&E DCPP Decommissioning Project Application

Project Contacts

For questions or comments please contact: [email protected]

Susan Strachan | Power Plant Decommissioning Manager

Cindy Chambers | Senior Planner

Carrie Sisto | Principal Environmental Specialist





Project Milestones

Project Milestone Time Frame
PG&E Land Use Application Submitted March 29, 2021
Application Accepted by County October 27, 2021
Notice of Preparation Issued October 28, 2021
Environmental Impact Report Scoping Comment Period October 28, 2021 - December 6, 2021
Preparation of Draft Environmental Impact Report  In Progress


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