Notice of Meeting Procedures



Based on the Governor’s Executive Order N-08-21 issued on June 11, 2021, relating to the convening of public meetings, until further notice all public meetings for the Department of Planning and Building for the County of San Luis Obispo will be closed to members of the public and non-essential County staff. 


Agendas Posted in Public Locations

Agendas will still be physically posted outside of the San Luis Obispo Superior Courthouse at the Monterey entrance at 1050 Monterey Street and outside of the New Government Center entrance at 1055 Monterey Street. A full copy of the agenda packet, which includes staff reports will now be available for public review at the Public Information Counter in the lobby of the New Government Center at 1055 Monterey Street.

At this time, members of the public are encouraged to participate in meetings in the following ways:


How to Observe the Meeting (no public comment)


How to Join Meeting and Provide Spoken Public Comment

Need Help? Please refer to the Zoom User Guide for Public Participation

Join Meeting

Members of the public, including applicants/agents, wishing to observe and/or provide live public comment may also participate in the meeting via the ZOOM platform by using one of the following options:

Via Computer or Smart Device (e.g. smart phone, tablet, etc.)

  • Click on the meeting link at the top of the agenda.
  • Input the Meeting ID Number listed at the top of the agenda.
  • Follow the prompt to enter your name and email address and press ‘Join Webinar in Progress’

Via Telephone

  • Dial the telephone number listed at the top of the agenda.
  • When prompted, enter the “Meeting ID Access Code” provided at the top of the agenda and press the pound key (#).
  • When prompted for a “Participant ID”, press the pound key (#) again and you will be automatically connected. You do not need a Participant ID to join the meeting.


Public Comment via ZOOM

If You Would Like to Speak

  • When the Chair calls for general public comment, or for public comment on an agenda item, members of the public, including applicants/agents, who have joined by website or smart device may do so by using the “Raise Hand” feature at the bottom of the screen.
  • If joining by phone, please press *9 to activate the “Raise Hand” feature.  This will notify the Clerk that you wish to provide public comment for that specific item.


Protocol for Speaking During Public Comment

When it is your turn to speak, the Clerk will unmute your connection, announce your name (or the last three digits of your phone number if you are calling in) and let you know that you are live on the line to make your comments.

  • Please begin by stating your name for the record.  Public comments will be limited to three (3) minutes. Public speakers, including the applicant/agent, will be broadcast in audio form only.


Public Comment for More Than 1 Item

If providing public comment for multiple items on the agenda, please use the guidelines listed above for each individual item.


Submit Supporting Documents – MUST BE DONE 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE

If members of the public, including applicants/agents, want to present visual documents/PowerPoint presentations while speaking, they should submit the document electronically at least 48-hours in advance of the meeting to the corresponding hearing body email listed in the table below.​

If submitted after the 48-hour deadline, staff will make best efforts –but cannot guarantee – to make the visuals available for presentation during the meeting​.


How to Provide Verbal Public Comment via Telephone (Voicemail Only)

1) Call the number listed below for the specific hearing body.

2) State and spell your name, provide the hearing date and agenda item number you are calling about.

3) Leave your comment.

Please Note: Verbal comments are limited to 3 minutes including stating your name.  Please limit your comment to one (1) agenda item per message.  If you would like to comment on multiple agenda items, you are requested to leave a separate message for each item.

Deadline: Verbal comments (voicemails) must be received by the Clerk no later than 4:00 PM the day before the noticed meeting. Every effort will be made to play your comment aloud at the meeting.  However, some comments may not be included due to the time limitations or technical issues.  All comments will be entered into the administrative record and provided to each hearing body member or officer.  


How to Provide Public Comment via Email or Mail

Please email or mail your comment to the attention of the hearing clerk identified below for the appropriate hearing body.

Please Note: Comments received by email or U.S. Mail will be placed into the administrative record and forwarded to each hearing body officer or member. Comments will not be read aloud or presented visually at the meeting.

Deadline: Public comments can be submitted and taken into the administrative record any time via email or U.S. Mail up until the close of the hearing for that item. In order for written comments to be more effective, we encourage you to submit written comments at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing, which will provide the hearing body members or officer a better opportunity to review the correspondence.



Persons who require accommodations for any audio, visual or other disability in order to review an agenda, or to participate in a meeting of the Planning and Building Department per the American Disabilities Act (ADA), may obtain assistance by requesting such accommodation 72 hour in advance of the meeting to the Clerk of the hearing body listed below at (805) 781-5600.

Hearing Body

Verbal Comment Voicemail Number

Written Comment Clerk Email

Written Comment Mailing Address

Planning Commission (“PC”)


(805) 781-1006

Ysabel Eighmy

[email protected]

Department of Planning and Building

Attn: PDH, PC, SRB, APRC, or ALUC 976 Osos St., Room 300

San Luis Obispo, CA 93408


Planning Department Hearing (“PDH”)  


(805) 788-6057

Daniela Chavez

[email protected]

Subdivision Review Board (“SRB”)  

(805) 788-6059


Daniela Chavez

[email protected]

Airport Land Use Commission (“ALUC”)   


(805) 788-6684

Daniela Chaves

[email protected]

Agricultural Preserve Review Committee (“APRC”)    

(805) 781-1006

Ysabel Eighmy

[email protected]





Planning Department Hearing Purview

Entitlement Type Role
Appeals of Administrative Fines Decision-Making Body
Appeals of Environmental Determinations Decision-Making Body
Lot Line Adjustments (outside of Coastal Zone and exempt from CEQA) Decision-Making Body
Minor Use Permits Decision-Making Body
Road Names Decision-Making Body


Subdivision Review Board Purview
Entitlement Type Role
Conditional Certificates of Compliance Decision-Making Body
Lot Line Adjustments (within Coastal Zone or not exempt from CEQA) Decision-Making Body
Parcel Maps Decision-Making Body



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