Swimming Pool and Spa

Swimming pools, including hot tubs, spas, and related equipment, may be located within any required side or rear setback, provided that they are no closer than 18 inches to a property line, and provided that they are fenced as required by Building Code.  Exceptions are, development within the coastal appealable zone, a building envelope, or easement.  If your property is located within the coastal appealable zone, or in an area with recorded building envelopes or easements, please contact us.

Prefabricated swimming pools accessory to a Group R-3 occupancy that are less than 24" deep, do not exceed 5,000 gallons (18925L) and installed entirely above ground do not require a building permit.  Proposed electrical or plumbing may require a building permit.

All other pools require a building permit.  Please follow the pool and spa requirements below, and certificate of installation.  Follow this link to apply for a building permit for a pool or spa: construction permit applications.


Pool and Spa Required Information
Pool and Spa CF 2R Certificate of Installation and User Instructions
Construction Permit Application Complete Package