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The Housing team visits the Board of Supervisors on topics relating to affordable housing in the County, and throughout the Consolidated Plan and Action Plan development.

Check here periodically for funding availability announcements, updates to plans and policies, notification of important dates related to Housing workshops and public hearings, etc.


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  • CESH Grant Informational Session

The State of California recently published a Notice of Funding Availability for the new California Emergency Solutions Homeless (CESH) grant.   As the next step, the County will soon be publishing a Request for Proposals for organizations to apply for CESH funding to assist homeless persons in the San Luis Obispo County Continuum of Care.

There will be an Informational Meeting on Tuesday, August 28 at 9 a.m. in Room 358 at the Department of Social Services for organizations interested in applying for CESH grant.  CESH can provide funding for a variety of types of homeless assistance, including Coordinated Entry, short-term rental subsidies, and housing operating subsidies.  Copies of the County’s Request for Proposals will be distributed at the meeting.  While this informational session is not mandatory, organizations interested in applying that do not send a representative are encouraged to contact Allison Rustick ([email protected]) at the County Department of Planning as soon as possible to request an application, as the turn around time for this grant will be very short due to State timelines.

For general information about the CESH grant, please see  http://www.hcd.ca.gov/grants-funding/active-funding/cesh.shtml.

California Emergency Solutions and Housing (CESH) Grant Application now available! 

Requests for Proposals

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