Express Permits for Small Repairs or Installs

What is the process?

Apply Online

1. Access the PermitSLO portal. (If you do not have a log in, you will need to register by selecting “My Account.” Contractors should begin by selecting “Guide for Contractors.”) 

2. Select Apply 

3. Select “Construction Permits” 

4. Find the appropriate permit type for your project (i.e. Water Heater Replacement) 

5. Select Apply 

6. Follow the online directions to apply for your permit and pay the appropriate fees.  

Who can use this service?

Express Permits are available to be submitted online by a California Licensed Contractor the Express Permit process is currently only available to California licensed contractors and only in residential zones classified RMF, RR, RS, and RSF


Is there a charge for this service?

Please refer to the Department of Planning & Building Fee Schedule for application fees. Express Permits may be applied for and issued online. A valid credit card and access to a printer (to print receipt and construction permit) are required in order to utilize the Express Permit process.

When and where is this service offered?

This service is available throughout the year during regular business hours except during scheduled holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

PermitSLO Portal


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