Standards to establish one (1) detached, new construction, ADU and one (1) JADU on a lot with an existing or proposed single-family dwelling.


Maximum Size

ADU:                                     800 square feet

JADU:                                    500 square feet


Minimum ADU Setback

Front Setback:                     Comply with the setback requirements applicable to residential accessory buildings and structures

Side and Rear Setbacks:    4 feet


Maximum Height

ADU:                                      16 feet


Minimum Off-Street Parking

ADU or JADU:                        None except for areas within the “Coastal Zone ADU – Parking Required” must provide a minimum of one off-street parking for each ADU. All off-street parking requirements associated with all other residential uses on the site shall be satisfied onsite, including replacement parking spaces if any parking spaces are removed to accommodate an ADU or JADU.

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Primary:                                 The existing off-street parking spaces for the primary residential use shall be maintained for automobile parking. However, off-street parking spaces for the primary residential use that are demolished or converted in conjunction with the establishment of accessory dwellings are not required to be replaced.








  • Must be constructed within the walls of an existing or proposed single-family dwelling;
  • Must include a separate entrance from the main entrance to the single-family dwelling; and
  • May include separate sanitation facilities or shared sanitation facilities with the existing structure.


Efficiency Kitchen

The JADU is required to include an efficiency kitchen, which shall include all of the following:

  • A cooking facility with appliances; and
  • A food preparation counter and storage cabinets that are of reasonable size in relation to the size of the JADU.


Deed Restriction

Prior to the issuance of building permits for a JADU, a deed restriction shall be recorded with the Office of the County Clerk-Recorder. The deed restriction shall include all of the following:

  • Disclose the status as a “junior accessory dwelling unit”;
  • Agree that the property must be owner-occupied;
  • Prohibit the sale of the JADU separate from the sale of the single-family dwelling;
  • Provide a restriction on the size and attributes of the JADU that conforms with California Government Code Section 65852.22; and
  • Provide a statement that the deed restriction may be enforced against future purchasers.


Agriculture - Prime Soils and Agriculture - Non-Prime Soils Land Use Categories

ADUs must meet all applicable findings and requirements that pertain to single-family dwellings. ADUs shall not be allowed on sites containing a guesthouse/home office established pursuant to Section 23.08.32.