Address Assignment (Pre-Addressing)

What is the process?

Email Address Request Package

  1. Complete a General Application Contact Information Form.
  2. Obtain a copy of the Approved Tentative Map or Recorded Map.

Email the completed General Application Contact Information Form and Approvied Tentative Map, or Recorded Map, to:

[email protected]

Review by Planning Staff

Planning staff will review your address application package and request any additional information if necessary to complete the pre-addressing of the parcel map or tract map.

Planning Staff Contacts Applicant

Planning staff contacts applicant and provides a:

  1. Pre-Address Letter,
  2. Pre-Address List, and
  3. Pre-Address Exhibit

Who can use this service?

Anyone in the unincorporated area of the San Luis Obispo County who needs to request addresses for a Parcel Map or Tract Map.


Is there a charge for this service?

Please refer to the Department of Planning & Building Fee Schedule for application fees.

When and where is this service offered?

This service is available throughout the year during regular business hours except during scheduled holidays.

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