Allowable Use

Please follow the steps in Zoning & Allowable Uses to help determine if Temporary Events is an allowed use on a property.



The applicable special use standards for Temporary Events can be found in the following ordinances.  Please review standards to help determine permit level and if a property meets the standards.

Inland Area: 22.30.610 - Temporary Events.

Coastal Zone: 23.08.248 - Temporary Events.


Permit Level

If the proposed Temporary Events requires a permit, please review the Temporary Events page for additional information.  



On September 10, 2009, the Board of Supervisors made the following interpretation regarding the application of Section 22.30.610 of the Land Use Ordinance, Title 22 of the County Code:.

  1. That a single Minor Use Permit can authorize multiple temporary events per site and the Review Authority will set a finite time limit for the life of the permit as part of the action taken on the permit.
  2. That Temporary Events are defined as “any use of a structure or land for an event for a limited period of time where the site is not to be permanently altered by grading or construction". That the use of existing structures temporarily during events, and grading not requiring a grading permit, does not constitute permanent alteration of the site. Also, that the interior remodeling of an existing structure that is limited to that needed to meet building occupancy and ADA requirements without expanding the building footprint, is not permanent alteration of the site.
  3. That the applicable Review Authority shall continue to make a determination of what constitutes primary agricultural use and allowable secondary and incidental uses on a case by case basis in consultation with the Agriculture Department pursuant to existing Agriculture and Open Space Policy 6.


Staff Review

Staff will review all Minor Use Permit applications using the above interpretation of Section 22.30.610. This includes:

  • Allowing the site to host multiple temporary events each year.
  • Setting a finite time limit after which the Minor Use Permit approval expires after which a new land use permit approval would be required.
  • Limiting the site grading only to that grading that would not trigger the need for a grading permit. Limiting the use of any existing structure on site to only that structure without any expansion.
  • Allowing for the interior remodeling of an existing structure to meet ADA requirements as long as the remodel does not increase the building footprint.
  • Determining the primary agricultural use and allowable secondary and incidental uses on a case by case basis in conjunction with the Agriculture Department.