Information Systems

Staff in the Department of Planning & Building's Information Systems Section provide technical support for the computer networks, systems, and applications utilized by both Department staff and the general public. The section also provides mapping support services, including geo-spatial data creation, maintenance, and analysis.


Geographic Information System Administration

The Department of Planning & Building's geographic information system (GIS) - part of the larger, countywide enterprise GIS - is administered by information systems staff who create, maintain, analyze, and map geo-spatial data. This data is used to support many of the Department's day-to-day operations, and is made available to the general public through its PermitView mapping application and as raw data in the form of web-based API services.

EnerGov (Permit Tracking System Administration)

The Department of Planning & Building is in the process of implementing a new, modern permit tracking system to replace the current system, which was written for the Windows 98 operating system. The new system will be more fully integrated with the Department's geographic information system (GIS) and will provide tools to better automate business processes, resulting in improved accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness.




Beginning February 9th, PermitView will be replaced by LUView.


Developed in-house by Department of Planning & Building Information Systems Section staff, PermitView can be used to explore property information, look-up permit details, pay fees, and schedule building inspections. Users can also create and export customized maps.


Developed in-house by Department of Planning & Building Information Systems Section staff.  LUView can be used to explore property information.  Users can also create and export customized maps and lists. 

View some basic instructions for LUView.